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Nursery decor is the place to get creative. You can make things, use vintage pieces, display family heirlooms etc... If you read my blog you will see that I use etsy a lot to find art, mobiles, wall decals, pillows and more, so if you're not into DIY, you can at least find things handmade by someone else. If you're looking to purchase something new but aren't into scouring through the etsy offerings, there are plenty of great products ready to go at your favorite modern baby stores and online retailers. I've included products, brands and retailers on this list. It's a gateway to find all kinds of decorative items to complete your nursery design.


Add some fun to the room with whimsical light sources.

Tooli Nightlights from OXO Tot

Yes, I also have this listed under gifts. See their whole selection of fun lighting for kids including Tooli, Zoomi and Roomi.
Retails for about $50 for a set of 2. Click to buy

MyPetLamp from Offi

Designs include Bear, Dachshund, Siamese Cat and HoweePup.
Retail for about $70. Click to buy

Star Egg Nightlight

Ceramic egg with pin prick holes that create stars on the walls and ceiling.
Retails for about $165.

Kute Lights from Acme World

Lighting with a choice of animals and colors.
Retail for about $130.

Twist Together Lamps from Glide Inc

Set with four LED boxes can be twisted into different shapes.
Retail for about $110.


There's really a lot to chose from so here are just a few of my favorite sources.


Flor tiles are a good idea for a child's room because you can remove and replace any piece that becomes irreparably damaged. They now have some fun pattern especially for kids. Use as a rug or wall to wall.
Retail for about $11 to $16 per tile.

Angela Adams

Lots of great colors and patterns to choose from to match any modern decor.
Retail for about $1700 for an 8'x10' rug.

Surya Rugs

There are a few that would work great in a nursery.
Retail for about $990 for an 8'x11' rug.


They make rugs too.
Retail for about $480 for a 5''x8' rug.

Puzzle Carpet

Includes 7 puzzle pieces. 36cm in diameter. Comes in grass (shown), water, and sand patterns.
Retails for about $168.


Wool rugs.
Retail for about $600 for a 60''x90" rug.

Oliver Yaphe

Wool rugs.
Retail for about $980 for a 5''x7' rug.

Wall Decals

There are so many to choose from. Check or browse through these sources to find something cool.


Stick these on your wall. They're not just graphic decorations (more than just decals), but you can draw and leave notes on them as well.
Retails for about $56 for a kit with four.

Wall Candy Arts

They have a nice selection on wall decals. My favorites are the chalkboard decals-- they're not just graphic decorations, but you can draw and leave notes on them as well.

Wee Gallery

Their designs include Birdie Banner, Sea Wall, Garden Wall, Jungle Wall, Woodlands Wall and Safari Wall.
Retail for about $38 per set.


If you choose carefully, you can find something cool to use in your space.
Retail for about $30.

Wallpaper Sillhouettes

These are beautiful patterned shapes.
Retail for about $95-$325.

Pop & Lolli

A unique and imaginative collection of removable and reusable fabric wall stickers.
Retail for about $61-$290.


Customizable decals that coordinate with their bedding collections.
Retail for about $50-$150.
41 Orchard

Beautiful repositionalble fabric wall stickers. Include chalkboard and customizable designs.
Retail for about $40-$170.


I had the most difficult time finding a mobile that I liked.

Flensted Mobiles

You will find a mobile to match your style or theme from Flensted. Browse their huge collection and see. Click to buy


If you're looking for something tonal and geometric.

Petit Collage

These beautiful laser cut mobiles are made of bamboo.
Retail for about $68. Click to buy

The Modern Baby Co.

Butterfly, lion and whale mobiles made of laser cut birch.
Retail for about $40.

Rattle Mobile from Plan Toys

Sturdy, wooden and very functional mobile. For the practical parent.
Retail for about $55. Click to buy

Adrift Mobiles from Schmitt Design

Mobiles that aren't just for the nursery.
Retail for about $130 to $250.

Frazier & Wing

Modern mobiles made of die-cut card stock in colors to match most every room.
Retail for about $75 to $100.


There's an infinite number of things you can hang in your nursery as art but here are some great sources.

Stretched Wall Art from Avalisa

Stick these on your wall. They're not just graphic decorations (more than just decals), but you can draw and leave notes on them as well.
Retails for about $56 for a kit with four.

Oopsy Daisy

There is a huge selection of kid friendly art by a variety of artists at Oopsy Daisy.


Choose from a variety of square panel designs including vehicles, animals, pattern and text. Pieces range in size from 5"x5" to 12"x12". 8.5x11" and 11"x17" prints also available.

Vibrant wall art collections with graphic shapes and colors. Pieces are made in the USA and arrive ready to hang. There's a specific "little modern" collection for kids, but you can find art for the nursery in any of the collections.

Original pieces by artist, Gregg Deal. Collections include Animals, Robots, Monsters, and Sweets & Confections. Available in various sizes and with customizable background colors. Prints are also available.


Some of the brands that come to mind if you're looking for decorative pillows....

Pillow Pillow Pillow

These pillows are incredibly cute!
Retail for about $86.

Salvor Fauna pillows by Ross Meneuz

There is a huge variety of animals in this collection in a great variety of size and colors.
Retails for about $30 to $250.

Jonathan Adler Junior

Cute new line for kids but lots of the regular Jonathan Adler items would be great too.
Retail for about $100 to $165.

Ferm Living Kids Pillows

A fun collection of pillows in great colors that coordinate with many popular modern nursery themes.
Retail for about $33 to $70.

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