Crib and Toddler Bedding from Baby Deedee

I just came across these colorful fun bedding pieces from Baby Deedee.  They’re great as extra sheets for your crib and perfect for your toddler bed.  Pieces include sheets, pillow cases and quilts that can mix and match easily.  3 piece sets are $99 or you can purchase the items individually.

Baby Dedee crib toddler sheets Baby Deedee Pillows Baby Deedee Quilts

Baby deedee is best known for sleep sacks.  While we don’t cover those here since that’s getting too close to baby apparel which I try to steer clear of,  I do have to mention the Baby deedee sleep nest with the glow in the dark zipper!!

Top Ten Toddler Beds

Not everyone is going to need a toddler bed, but I’ve had many requests for my recommendations.  A toddler bed is a great transition between the crib and a twin or full-sized bed for your child.  If your child is climbing out of the crib, but you’re not quite ready to get a big bed, a toddler bed is a wonderful option.

Toddler beds are generally the same size as your crib so you’re not going to have to rearrange any furniture to get the toddler bed to fit into the nursery.  This smaller footprint helps saves floor space for as long as your toddler can fit in the bed.  We used our toddler bed until after my youngest’s 5th birthday.  This allowed me to delay redecorating his room, left him plenty of floor space to play, and meant he could easily get into and out of bed without me worrying about him falling out (since the drop was only a few inches!).

I’ve rounded up my top 10 toddler bed picks for anyone who didn’t select a crib that can transform into a toddler bed.  These ten beds can be purchased as is, without requiring you to purchase the entire crib.

Top 10 Toddler Beds

1- Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed (Birch)- $440
2- Kalon Studios Echo Toddler Bed- $1160
3- Hampshire Toddler Bed (Clay shown- other colors available)- $400
4- Hiya Toddler Bed from Spot on Square- $500 to $625 depending on finish
5- P’kolino Little Modern – Toddler Bed- $325
6- Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed, Walnut- $650
7- Uptown Toddler Bed (White shown- other colors available)- $300
8- Kalon Studios Caravan Divan- $710 to $910 depending on color
9- Babyletto Skip Toddler Bed- $160
10- Kidkraft Modern Toddler Bed- $300

I left out the Ikea toddler beds since I don’t really love any of them, but it price is your #1 consideration, then their selection of toddler beds under $200 is the way to go.

I also left out the R toddler bed from Rafa-kids, because it is a little more difficult to get your hands on.

Rafa-kids R toddler bed

It retails for €455,00 (about $615 US) and they’ll ship worldwide. Keep an eye on the exchange rate and remember to factor in the shipping.  Agata from Rafa-kids says shipping can take as little as 2-3 days.  That’s less time than I waited for either of my children’s beds.  Small world indeed!

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HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

I know that my readers are always looking for an amazing co-sleeping or room sharing option for their newborns, so I’m thrilled that you can now pre-order the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.  The elusive Culla Belly Co-Sleeper has been teasing us for years, and while the Halo Bassinest isn’t as stunning, it is infinitely more practical.

Many co-sleepers attach to the side of the bed making it really difficult to scoot out to the bathroom or to check on other children in the night, but the HALO Bassinest rotates and even swivels out of the way.  This also makes it easy to access or put down your baby from any angle.


The Bassinest features mesh walls, a nightlight and sidewalls that can be lowered and then will raise back up automatically.  I can’t sufficiently explain the benefit of all these handy features, so take a look at the video to get the whole idea.

I think the sound and lullaby options are a bit much and I’m not crazy about the fabric design on it, but this is a really great start with a revolutionary new design.  It’s not an unattractive bassinet and its function trumps the style shortcomings.  It beats the pack-n-play we kept in our bedroom for baby #2 and is quite a bit more practical than rolling the Bugaboo up next to the bed at night like we did with baby #1!

We’ve been waiting for this release since we were introduced to the Bassinest at last year’s ABC Kids Expo, and I’m excited to finally get to share it with you.

Halo Bassinest ABC Kids Expo 2013

The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is available for pre-order at select retailers nationwide.  Get this one on your registry now!

New Toys Chests and Hamper from 3 Sprouts

Three new products are joining the 3 Sprouts family.  New on the Toy Chest are the Crocodile (in Florida we’ll pretend it’s an alligator) and Elephant.


You can also already find the crocodile on a Wall Organizer and Stroller Organizer,Elephant_Toy_Chest_1024_grande

And I’m digging the new Orangutan Laundry Hamper ($25).


It’s always fun to see when 3 Sprouts expands their collection.

Automoblox Mini Emergency Response Line 3-Pack

Already available in original sizes, Automoblox Mini collectors will want to snatch up this Mini Emergency Response Line 3-pack.


You get the mini-version of the police, fire and rescue vehicles for $40– less than the price of one of the originals.  abx_minipolice_whand_20140605

We already have the S9 Police Cruiser and the T900 Rescue Truck, but it’s hard to turn down this 3-pack to go with our Minis…

Bloom Fresco Chrome Giro High Chair

In case you worried that special editions in the baby gear world were restricted to strollers, Bloom is coming out with special edition high chairs.

Bloom Fresco Chrome Giro

This limited edition collection features bright pops of color on the oh-so-modern Bloom Fresco Chrome high chair.  5 colors– blue, pink, orange, green and yellow– are available with either a black or white.


Like all Bloom Fresco Chromes, the Giro edition starts as a cradle and converts to a high chair.  Retail price for the Bloom Fresco Chrome Giro is $650 and includes all accessories.  Contact bloom for preorder information.  These should be available before the end of the summer.

9 Jul 2014, 9:55pm
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Etsy Find: Animal ABCs from Jen Oaks Illustration

We’ve done alphabets, and we’ve done animal alphabets, but I’m really enjoying Jen Oaks‘ specific take on the animal alphabet.

My favorite is Oklahoma Animals.  I love this collection of creatures and the wonderful colors.


The Earth’s Animals version is another great print the absolutely a great piece if you like purple and green.


Visit Jen Oaks Illustration on etsy for more.

Don’t Feed the Rug!

With illustrations by Dianara Mirtalipova, the Don’t Feed the Rug series from The Land of Nod is an easy way to add a lot of fun to a space.  The rugs are Tiger, Zebra and Bear and they come in 4′ x 6′ and 5′ x 8′ sizes.

dont-feed-the-rug-tiger dont-feed-the-rug-zebra dont-feed-the-rug-bear
Anyone feeling “wild” enough to use one of these?

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Executive Pets Chairs from The Land of Nod

While most of the time, simpler is better, The Land of Nod has really hit the right note with these fun kids chairs.  Designed by Michelle Romo, the Executive Pet Nod Chairs are some of the cutest cartoony little things.  Furniture like this don’t usually get the BMB seal of approval, but here they are in all their adorable perfection, ready for your little ones to fall in love with their special reading spot.


The chairs retail for $130, or you can buy a new cover for your existing Nod Chair for $80.





Panda (for your black and white rooms, no?)




Pick your favorite or get the whole menagerie!

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4 New Cribs from The Land of Nod

4 great new cribs join the nursery furniture collection at The Land of Nod this fall.

Fall 2014 Cribs

The simple Carousel Crib retails for $600 and comes in this splashy Kelly Green as well as Midnight Blue, Grey, and White.


The Elemental Crib is constructed using solid poplar and comes in White or Java for $700


The vintage inspired Brimfield Crib is an alternative to the Jenny Lind.  For $1000, it comes in Antique (shown), Black or White.


Finally, the Keepsake Crib comes in two unique finishes (whitewash and greywash) and features three drawers for valuable storage.


So, have you found the perfect crib yet?

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